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Whether It Is Safe to Attach Objects to Walls With Nail-free Glue

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Nail free adhesive can be used in many materials, such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, gypsum board, and a variety of man-made materials, brick and so on. It is also known as "liquid nail", the adhesive force is particularly strong, the bonding speed is also very fast, the strength can withstand is also very large, and has the advantages of small amount and simple operation. Note on the use of nail-free glue:

1. It is flammable, so it cannot be carried on the plane.

2. There are certain requirements for the specific ambient temperature, which should be between 5-40 degrees.

3. Nail free glue should not be used in wet or stagnant areas.

4. In the construction, there must be a certain thickness and a gap between the strip, so as to ensure that it can be completely cured.