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Silicone structural sealant and Silicone Weather resistance sealant

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SARZ has several power products including silicone sealant, nail free adhesive and PU foam. In this article we will focus on two types of silicone sealant as below:

Silicone structural sealant is one sealant product based on polymer of polystyrene. It has outstanding mechanical strength and high wear resistance to seal and resist the leakage of liquid or gas inside the object effectively. Silicone structural sealant is one of silicone resin, mainly combine by polystyrene 、 silicone polymer and different types of fillers. Silicone sealant can provide very good weather resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high wear resistance. It can be vast applied on different types of structures, such as industrial paint, buildings paint, marine repair materials, insulating sponge and vehicle structural parts to ensure the structural objects safety and running effectively.

Followed is the silicone weather resistance sealant. It is kind of unique fluoroscope resin which is different with polystyrene obtain better adaption and weather resistance. Silicone weather resistance sealant can provide weather resistance on structural building materials, marine structure, outdoor aluminium, mobile vehicles and other applications with demand of high weather resistance. It can also be applied on inside or outside wall, window frame and other insulation or sealant demands of structural building. Besides the above listed, silicone weather resistance sealant can be also used on sealant of wires, cables, pipelines, outdoor wall paint and lifting equipment. Even the solution of anti-corrosion and fire proof on metal and plastic surfaces.

Both silicone structural sealant and silicone weather resistance sealant are high efficiency structural sealant materials with outstanding features of water-proof, high temperature of resistance, anti-corrosion, wear resistance and others. Both sealants can seal the gap of inner object to avoid leakage of liquid, gas or other materials. They also have stable weather resistance, temperature resistance, anti-corrosion and wear resistance to provide structures better long-time resistance, then the structures can work under different serious temperature and humidity conditions which makes them ideal structural sealant materials.

Above all, silicone sealant and silicone weather resistance sealant are high efficient structural sealant materials which can provide outstanding mechanical strength, weather resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance then seal the inside of objects effectively to avoid leakage of liquid gas and other substance. They can be applied on structures with humid and high temperature situation to ensure structural objects safety and high efficiency.