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Silicone Sealant Manufacturer -SARZ’s Strength Adhesive

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Shandong SARZ New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, is a chemical enterprise dedicated to the development of environmentally friendly adhesive products. Years of efforts for fruitful results of the company's “SARZ" brand, won the "China's top ten brands of integrity of silicone sealant new materials" title, "China's famous silicone sealant adhesive" title , is China's engineering and construction of key promotion of the company. In the industry original systematic, standardized, efficient response to the service system, professional team deep into the international market, to provide customers with a full range of, attentive, humane service. The company's development engineers up to a hundred.

Why choose silicone adhesives?

The efficient performance of the facade of a building curtain wall depends, not only on its ability to withstand and adapt to temperature , with a large employee base. At present, the products are sold to all over the world, winning favorable comments from various countries.

Mainly engaged in environmentally friendly adhesives, including: silicone adhesive, foam adhesive, free nails glue, universal adhesive, aerosol spray adhesive and water-based adhesive.

The difference between the inside and outside of the building silicone sealant and the structural displacement silicone sealant, but also determined by other important performance indicators, these indicators can be achieved by weather resistant sealant, namely silicone adhesive.

- Protect against water and drafts

- Maintain and/or enhance aesthetics

- Achieve design versatility

- Long-lasting displacement and longevity

- Provide excellent UV resistance

- Provide good acoustic insulation

- Maintains overall building performance and protects building occupants

Why choose SARZ's Silicone Weatherproof sealant?

SARZ's silicone sealants are superior in new construction or existing building retrofit applications as they are a good choice for both new and existing buildings.

In new buildings or retrofits of existing buildings as they are applied

- Silicone sealant Protect up to three times longer than organic materials in the same application, thus avoiding premature,avoid premature, costly renovations

- Silicone sealant reliable performance with proven success in a wide range of applications

- Silicone sealant outstanding life cycle value

- Silicone sealant supports and ensures performance in a variety of climatic conditions, with greater durability than organic materials.

-Silicone sealant virtually unaffected by UV light

-Silicone sealant maintains flexibility and adhesion to substrates even when stretched or compressed

- Silicone sealant resists cracking, chalking or tearing and does not harden or discolor

- Silicone sealant easy to use in a wide range of temperatures

Buildings have lives. Silicone sealant have to fight the elements, expand and contract under the influence of daily temperature changes and seasonal heat and cold. The facade structure is the equivalent of the skin of a building, which must withstand regular impacts and the cumulative effects of mild conditions.SARZ's silicone sealant materials minimize the impact of nature on the facade structure.

Why choose SARZ silicone sealant ?

1. Chemical properties are more stable, prolonging the service life. During use, polyurethane foam adhesive will hardly pollute the environment. When encountering an open flame, it will not burn immediately, but automatically extinguish. Play a good flame retardant, will not be easily deformed.

2. When used, it does not need to add other materials, and has good adhesive property itself. Applicable to a variety of environments, can be bonded with most materials, greatly enhancing the bonding effect.

3. Compared with other traditional foam adhesive, SARZ's foam adhesive insulation is better. At present, there are a variety of thermal insulation materials on the market, and SARZ polyurethane foam adhesive thermal insulation is particularly outstanding. It is not easily permeable to water, and the effect is very ideal. It is more assured to cooperate with suppliers with strength, and it has a wide range of uses, which can be applied to new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipping, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supply, high-speed rail and other industry fields.

In 2021, our company participated in the Moscow Exhibition, which was organized by the exhibition company "MIREXPO", with strong media support from professional journals such as "Polyurethane Foam Adhesive Technology". We led our staff to show SARZ brand foam adhesive、silicone sealant and to international friends and customers, and achieved a good international response. In the later stage of product sales, many international customers have repurchase intention for our products. Silicone adhesive and foam adhesive are our main promotion products. Experts and scientists in the field of polyurethane materials joined us to discuss the design, operation and updating of polyurethane material production equipment as well as the science and technology and practical experience in the production process, so that science and technology can be better applied to the production process.

To date, we have worked with people with needs silicone sealant in more countries than many of our peers in the industry. These countries include: Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Russia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, and so on.

Now, our SARZ brand silicone sealant has far exceeded the expected goal, in the future, we hope to use the SARZ brand silicone sealant products for the world customers to make greater benefits, co-operation, common development and growth.