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Procedure and method of using neutral structural adhesive

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Neutral structural adhesive  is an adhesive used for bonding and sealing, usually used in construction, curtain wall, furniture and other fields. The following is the construction method of  neutral structural adhesive:

Preparation work:

Clean: Clean the surface to be bonded, remove oil, dust and other impurities.

Grinding: For the metal surface, you can use sandpaper or wire brush to polish, increase the bonding area and roughness, and improve the adhesion of the glue.

Apply glue:

Use a glue gun or scraper and other tools to evenly apply the  neutral structural glue  to the surface to be bonded.

Pay attention to the construction Angle, generally at a 45 degree Angle to ensure uniform coverage of glue.


The curing time and temperature of  structural adhesive  will affect its performance. Under normal circumstances, curing at 20 ~ 25℃ for 24 hours, or curing at 20 ~ 25℃ for 2 hours and then curing at 80℃ for 2 hours, you can be put into use.

If the ambient temperature is low, curing can be promoted by heating or extending the curing time.

Please note that different types of  neutral structural adhesives  have different uses and characteristics, so when selecting and using, they need to be reasonably matched according to the specific situation.