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Nail-free Glue Removal Method

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The existence of nail-free glue greatly facilitates our life. We no longer have to pound nails in order to hang an object, nor do we have to endure the noise of drilling holes in the wall, and we can ensure the hygiene and personal safety of the living environment. But since it's glue, it's bound to happen. Once used 502 glue when I was a child, it accidentally sprayed a mouth, my teeth were stuck, and I did not eat for a day.

So if we usually use nail-free glue, the hand mistakenly stuck to the wrong place, or stick up and regret it, how to solve it? Let me to tell you one by one!

1. If it is mistakenly stuck on the surface of the glass, you can use soapy water with a little ammonia and turpentine mixed liquid, which can not only remove the wrong sticky nail free glue, but also make the glass surface more shiny!

2. You can use a cloth covered with vinegar to cover the whole place with nail free glue. After the whole mark of nail free glue is soaked with vinegar, you can easily brush off the nail free glue with a small brush.

3. If there is no ammonia, vinegar and other items at home. You can use heating to soften the solidified nail-free glue, you can choose to use the hot air of a hair dryer to blow the nail-free glue. When the nail-free glue softens and the viscosity becomes low, it can be removed.

4. If most of the nail-free glue is clear and clean, but there are still some small marks that can not be removed, this time you can use the nail polish remover that many girls have, apply it on the colloidal surface with nail polish remover, and wipe it off after a few minutes, the effect is also obvious.

5. There are two simple and crude ways to remove nail-free glue. If the nail-free adhesive wall is scratch-resistant, you can directly use a knife to scrape down the nail-free adhesive. In addition, it can be repeatedly glued with good adhesive tape, and it can also remove nail-free glue.

Tip: Whether it is ammonia or vinegar, wait until the liquid is completely soaked in the nail free glue to achieve the best removal effect.

Finally, the most important point, or usually in the use of nail-free glue, want to stick again, the use process must be careful, if the wrong to deal with, more troublesome, time-consuming and laborious.