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Interior Decoration Nail-free Scope of Application

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It seems that less and less nails can be seen in daily life, after all, science and technology change life, so with the nail-free glue this good tool, do not worry about their hands being hit, do not worry about damaging the decorated wall, a silicone gun can easily DIY, large construction area, wide use, and not afraid of glue sticky hands. Nail-free glue can replace nails perfectly, fast positioning, saving time and effort, convenient and fast. The following describes the scope of application of nail-free glue in interior decoration.

1. Wood industry, wood thread. Wood line corner, wooden floor, wooden door manufacturing, wooden door sets, wooden window sets, wooden furniture, patchwork, wood partition board, wood ceiling, fire decorative board, wood craft line, wood clock, wood decorative board ceiling, wood picture frame, wood frame board speaker, etc.

2. Gypsum board, quartz board partition wall, ceiling, gypsum crafts connection, etc.

3. Metal, aluminum-plastic board, external wall dry hanging direct paste, indoor external wall, aluminum-plastic board, aluminum board, waterproof board, including with wood square board, metal bonding, stainless steel door, glass door stainless steel door jacket, color steel tile galvanized tile, iron box stair non-slip copper strip, copper decoration bonding, aluminum alloy profile quality, anti-mosquito gauze door and window installation.

4. Glass mirror, glass, personal small glass mirror, regardless of the size of the installation of glass mirror, if the formula does not corrode paint, mercury, you can directly glue glass mirror or glass on the wall, wood and other porous materials (can not stick leather, KT board, plastic lenses, because slight corrosion of plastic board will affect the reflective effect).

5. Plastic, polyacrylic, polyvinyl oxide (PVC), polyethylene (PE) of plastic plate profile products sewing bonding, wire pipe slot, switch bonding positioning, household appliances manufacturing and maintenance, PVC floor, carpet, plastic door frame door cover, plastic furniture, plastic polyester picture frame, outdoor advertising industry bonding, acrylic film, imitation cultural stone bonding, plastic toy bonding Install plastic fan, etc.

6. Ceramic tiles, marble, granite, advanced porcelain tiles with flowers, tiles, bathroom exterior wall, ceramic toilet, shower room, ceramic crafts, marble skirt, paving door, company plaque, quartz culture mushroom stone, etc.

7. Repair, positioning, door lock replacement, furniture office tables and chairs, flower frame tenon loose, fast screw fastening, exhibition exhibits positioning hanging; Lamps, bathroom, refrigerator, paint repair leakage; Nail-free glue repair car air conditioning noise loose firm, all kinds of tools loose firm, household supplies loose firm.