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How to use sealant in cold weather?

Time : 2023-09-13 Hits : 30


When extreme weather occurs, how can we avoid some problems when we glue construction, avoid stepping on thunder, and ensure the construction effect?

First, strictly control the adhesive quality procedures. Before construction, confirm the product batch number and production date of sealant, use within the shelf life, do not be afraid of wasting products that have expired for a long time, so that it is not worth the cost.

Second, the cleaning process should be careful. Find two clean rags stacked together, clean the dust and fog on the surface of the substrate, and ensure that there is no condensation on the surface of the substrate; Then use bonding accelerator to wipe, not only can remove the surface of the oil dust, but also can improve the adhesion between the glass glue and the glass, improve the sealant bonding effect.

Three, the sizing process is strictly controlled. According to the construction environment, usually below 4℃, it is not recommended to construct sealant, because the low temperature construction, the sealant curing speed will be greatly reduced, and the probability of bond failure will be increased; If the temperature is below 4 ° C and construction sealant is necessary, the maintenance time should be appropriately increased.

Four, flexible glue method. Winter is relatively cold, the sealant sizing will be more laborious, tired hands, you can properly warm the glue (with a heating package, oven, or simple method of hot water soaking, etc.); Or use an electric glue gun to save time and effort.

Five, the late sealant quality control. After the appropriate curing period, it is necessary to carry out a rubber cutting inspection on the field substrate, and do a peel bond test to confirm the cohesiveness of the project site sealant.