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Function And Use of Foamed Glue

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Foamed glue is a kind of glue with foaming characteristics and bonding characteristics, which is mainly used for filling, sealing and bonding of building door and window side seams, component expansion joints and holes.

Foamed glue is a polyurethane elastomeric sealing foam material cured by moisture. Foamed rubber is composed of polyurethane prepolymer, foaming agent, catalyst, crosslinking agent, etc. filled into the high-pressure iron tank, and filled with propane and other gases. It is divided into two types: gun type and tube type. The gun type requires a special polyurethane foam gun to be used. The tube type is equipped with a disposable rubber hose.

Function and use of foamed glue

The use of foamed glue is very wide, different foamed glue has different uses, because foamed glue can play a sealing, plugging and sound insulation, heat insulation effect after foaming curing. Automotive manufacturing, electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing, the use of foam is very much, you can use polyurethane foam soft foam, polyurethane foam and two-component polyurethane resin glue, foam silicone and so on.

Installation of doors and Windows: caulk sealing and fixed bonding between doors and Windows and walls.

Advertising model: model, sand table production, display board repair.

Sound insulation and noise reduction: the gaps filled in the decoration of speech room and broadcast studio can play a role in sound insulation and noise reduction.

Gardening: flower arrangement, gardening, light and beautiful.

Daily maintenance: hole, gap, wall tile, floor tile, floor repair.

Waterproof plugging: water pipes, sewers and other loopholes repair, plugging.