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Does nail-free glue stick to metal and tile?

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Most people are now struggling with how to handle the decoration, in fact, the family decoration and the difficulty of buying a house is almost the same, the decoration may look very easy, but really to do well, many aspects also have to ensure that it is done, especially in the use of some other items, especially in the use of glue, glue viscosity and the safety factor of some items will be related, So can nail-free glue stick to metal and tile? What are the advantages of nail-free glue?

Does nail-free glue stick to metal and tile?

Nail-free glue can stick tiles, nail-free glue is suitable for indoor decoration and outdoor decoration, it can paste building materials are: the covering material, wood, gypsum board, metal, mirror, glass, plastic, rubber, skirting board, blinds, thresholds, windowsills, boundary piles, pillars, connection boxes, various artificial materials, ornamental stone tools, tiles.

1. Can, rabbit nail glue by cement + graded sand + polymer admixtures mixed by modern technology, mainly used to paste various specifications and materials of ceramic tiles and stone, with labor saving, material saving, low cost per unit area, safe and reliable advantages.

2. Nail-free glue is green environmental protection, no formaldehyde, odorless products, is the synthesis of resin raw materials. It can be bonded to any material, odorless, does not hurt the skin, and will never turn black or moldy. When dry, you can sand the paint.

3. Nail free adhesive bonding ability is strong, after drying, to exceed the fixed strength of iron nails. In the production of cabinets, after the use of nail-free glue, there will be no loosening and shaking problems between metal parts and wood structures, and between wood materials and materials, which is firm and safe, and the quality is guaranteed.

What are the advantages of nail-free glue?

1. The use of nail-free glue, the price is significantly higher than the cost of glass glue, many manufacturers are difficult to accept on the surface. Because many people feel that the price is too high, but nail-free glue is only a kind of auxiliary material, so the price is high, and it is acceptable.

2. Nail-free glue capacity: nail-free glue capacity can be guaranteed enough, not because of other reasons to cut corners, regular manufacturers pay attention to their own image, quality, and brand effect, so the capacity can be assured.

3. The use of nailing free glue, does not need to be like glass glue construction technology, the glue is covered with the entire construction surface, nailing free glue as long as a few points can be, the amount is small, the construction time is short, the material cost is saved, the cost is relatively reduced.