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Can nail-free glue be used to bond metal and tile?

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The answer is yes. However, before use, be sure to clean the wall or tile, so that it is not only convenient to solidify, but also the paste effect is better.

What is nail-free glue?

Nailing free adhesive, also known as liquid nail, is a kind of multi-functional building structure strong adhesive with strong adhesion. As the name suggests, it is a new type of building adhesive material instead of nails. Can be used for indoor and outdoor installation of a variety of building materials, the construction process does not need to use electric drill, hammer, expansion nails and other tools. It has the advantages of simple construction, no need to punch, no noise, no dust, can fill the joint gap, and can adjust the position during installation.

Now most people are struggling with how to decorate, in fact, home decoration and the difficulty of buying a house is similar, decoration may look very easy, but really to do well, many aspects have to ensure, especially some small details above, such as glue, how the viscosity of the glue and the safety factor of some items will have a relationship, then nail-free glue can stick to metal and tile?

Nail free glue can stick to tiles, nail free glue is suitable for indoor decoration and outdoor decoration, it can paste building materials are: the covering material, wood, gypsum board, metal, mirror, glass, plastic, rubber, baseboard, shutters, thresholds, windowsills, pillars, connection boxes, various artificial materials, ornamental stone tools, tiles.

1. Yes, nail-free glue has strong viscosity, fast drying time, and can be used to paste various specifications and materials of ceramic tiles and stone.

2. Nail-free adhesive is green environmental protection, low volatile organic compounds, no irritating odor, is the synthesis of resin raw materials.

3. Nailing free adhesive relay is strong, after dry solid, can form a stable adhesion. In the production of cabinets, after the use of nail-free glue, there will be no loosening and shaking problems between metal parts and wood structures, and between wood materials and materials, which is firm and safe.