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Build a new open platform, the internationalization of the mall wades a new road——SARZ is actively participating

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Mall Linyi exhibition presents a new look, guests from all over the world come one after another. Taking this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the economic development of Shandong SARZ New Materials Co., Ltd. headquarters will enter a new chapter.

On November 25, Linyi Mall International Buyers Conference and Shandong Port supply chain Integrated Service Promotion Conference were held. Business elites from more than 60 countries and regions from five continents around the world gathered in China's "famous market city" and "logistics capital" to discuss cooperation and development.

The theme of this conference is "Hong Kong connects the four seas, land connects eight, gather Linyi Mall, catch China's great gathering", which interprets Linyi's exploration of expanding opening up to the outside world and strengthening international trade. Buyers market line, in-depth business visits and exchanges; Six market groups held on-site docking fair; At the opening ceremony of the conference, precise docking negotiations and strategic cooperation signing...... More than 600 domestic and foreign buyers and suppliers jointly opened the trade event of "integration of production and supply, exhibition and sales", and promoted the two-way rush of "mall supply chain" and "global buyers".

Trading global, goods line the world, Linyi Mall has developed into the country's largest market cluster, an important logistics turnover center, millions of market players, trillion-dollar business logistics superposition advantages, deeply shocked the participants of more than 300 overseas buyers. The conference through multi-level, multi-field docking negotiations, so that more quality products from Linyi Mall out of the country, selling well around the world.

"This is my first time to visit Linyi. The city is very beautiful and the people are very friendly. I am very happy to visit here." At the promotion meeting, the Caliph from Oman said that the construction glue industry and other products here are very good. Linyi's products are cheap and good, he and his friends like them very much.

Open new doors and explore new paths. As foreign businessmen from all over the world enter the Linyi exhibition and understand Linyi, SARZ's internationalization pace is more sonnous and powerful.

In the critical stage of the development and upgrading of Shandong SARZ, we will surely open a new journey of working together to create wealth and win-win results. In the future, we will continue to expand the scale and upgrade the grade to create a new material enterprise with higher quality, more diversified products, higher production capacity and better service, vigorously improve the level of domestic and foreign trade, and constantly create a new situation of SARZ opening up.