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Spray adhesive product function

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Spray adhesive is used on sofa sponge, foam, cloth, leather, paper, wood, plastic, PVC, PE, EVA, metal, rubber, thermal insulation cotton, fire board, aluminum plastic board and other materials bonding. Spray adhesive for sofa, sponge spray adhesive, sofa, mattress, swivel chair and so on are used to spray adhesive.

Spray adhesive advantages: strong initial viscosity, fast speed, easy to use, improve work efficiency, spray surface is larger, is generally 12 planes per kilogram of impermeable pressure sensitive adhesive, viscous duration is long; The spray adhesive can be easily removed, and produce new positioning paste; The spray adhesive particles are fine and transparent, and will not noddle and shrink and penetrate most materials.

With the rapid development of the economy, in the furniture, leather, fabric, decoration, lightweight materials and other industries, a large number of widely used spray adhesive, such as the furniture industry hemp wool, sponge, sofa, screen, fabric, mattress bonding, Crafts, toys, decorative board, cork, plastic, glass, fiber, rubber, paper products, cards, foam, cloth, leather and polystyrene and other materials surface bonding. The newly launched water-based spray adhesive is basically close to odorless, good initial adhesion, large bond strength, and more material saving in unit construction. It can be used for spraying adhesive with sponge, sponge and leather, furniture spray adhesive, luggage spray adhesive, toolbox and so on.